13 April, 2012

Ayam baik punya! 50% off! #50PercentSoGood

When price tags are slashed into half, it’s so good you can’t resist it!

50% off’ is a magical phrase that makes everything automatically sounds oh-so-awesome like walking by a store that reads '50% off'! Won't you just take a peek inside?

It works for the simpler things too. Now, you can also get a second dinner plate ala Carte at 50% off when you purchase a dinner combo at KFC!

Not only can you enjoy a good meal with your loved ones, simply tell @KFCmy on Twitter what is the ONE thing that makes you feel so good at 50% off, and you could walk away with prizes that are oh-SO-GOOD!

Ayam baik punya! 50% off! #50PercentSoGood