16 April, 2012

Barang baik punya! Gunakan #ShellHelix untuk lebih 'berdesup!'

The power behind every Ferrari, Shell Helix. Now it's in your car.

Shell has long been a partner with Ferrari and that’s why Shell Helix is the power behind not just every Ferrari Gran Turismo car, but also every Ferrari Formula One car at every race. It’s no wonder the crème de la crème of the automobile world uses Shell Helix.

Shell Helix Ultra technology provides car engines with five times better cleaning, three times better shear stability, and two times better oxidation resistance than a normal mineral oil. This is the result of thousands and thousands of hours put into research and development for the best you can give your car.

Shell understands that all proud car owners see their cars as supercars. So if you are a proud driver, choose Shell Helix for your supercar.

Barang baik punya! Gunakan #ShellHelix untuk lebih 'berdesup!'