25 Jun, 2012

Bahasa Kebangsaan, unable to use it or refuse to use it?

Is Kit Siang prepared to declare that those who cannot and refuse to speak the Bahasa Kebangsaan when communicating with other Malaysian on TV and on daily basis are anti-national and must be condemned by all patriotic Malaysians and will have no place in Malaysian politics and public service?

In trying to downplay the Bahasa Kebangsaan, those irresponsible is admitting to a couple of things;

1. Firstly, refusal to speak the Bahasa Kebangsaan when interviewed by local TV and on daily basis hence, ironically they claimed that they have lived here for generations.

2. Secondly, refusal to write in Bahasa Kebangsaan in official blog even though their party was registered in Malaysia and purportedly claimed to champion all Malaysian regardless race.

3. Thirdly, keeping mum over extremist demand to promote segmentation and division in certain school by neglecting the importance of the Bahasa Kebangsaan as agent of unity.

In actual fact, the failure to speak common language is most potent proof of the failure of Malaysian nation building in the past five decades, as it is not confined to one or two non bumi but infected the nation as a whole.

Everyday on local TV, when the non Bumi are interviewed, little that they were recorded speaking the Bahasa Kebangsaan wheras the subject oft local and little to do at the international level, so for what reason that they speak in English when addressing fellow Malaysian.

Malaysia will be celebrating our 55th National Day on August 31. Is Kit Siang prepared to send out a clear and unmistakable message that those who continue to undermine the Bahasa Kebangsaan are aliens per se, positively anti-national who must be condemned by all rational and patriotic Malaysians in unequivocal terms and who should have no place in Malaysian politics or public service?

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(The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the columnist)