09 Ogos, 2012

“Haram Sokong DAP” - DAP Should Retaliate

"Today the UMNO newspaper Utusan Malaysia’s front-page headline "Haram sokong DAP" provides the latest evidence, tearing into smithereens Prime Minister Najib Razak’s signature 1Malaysia policy to create a Malaysian nation where every Malaysian would regard himself or herself as Malaysian first and race, religion, region or class second.", Says Lim frustrated, it is obvious that DAP's main objective and not so hidden anymore agenda's had been compromised.

DAP should retaliate by, this Wednesday in parliament all DAPian lead by Lim since Karpal is incapable, to stand up and pledge their support of hudud law to dismiss this fatwa of Haram sokong DAP or else DAP will suffers severe consequence as Malay takes fatwa seriously, like vote PAS for free pass to heaven, thus many Malaywood stars turning old grab this opportunity thinking its real.

After all, the Malay in general had already gave up their Malay Primacy (Ketuanan Melayu) and PAS their Islamic state when voting for Pakatan, It's time DAP give in something back. Give in what U may ask, give what they always wanted of course, hudud law.

A few days ago a few Terengganu's student currently studying in the middle east got their scholarship suspended, before that stupid Adam Adli got his life wasted for three semesters after UPSI suspends him, and many more Malay students jeopardizing their study by actively involving in pakatan's sponsored rallies and many of them got lower marks after that (or as usual?) for not studying and a few of them end up in court. (luckily they will graduate and work in tyranny UMNO quota highly paid civil service regardless CGPA ) 

All of the above are done for the sake of DAP and Pakatan, and each and any one of them if asked only wants Hudud in return, a win-win situation for both DAP and the Pakatan's Malay.

So far we never heard any Chinese student got suspended, went to court, even caught, at least on camera, participated in pakatan's rallies. U keeps U son and daughter at home studying for their academic excellence and let the Malay son and daughter wasting their life jeopardizing their study to do your dirty job. Karpal and later Guan Eng in his statement, showed their sheer selfishness by denying those Malay their rights to uphold Hudud. Is DAP wanted to win all? (after got Malay primacy and Islamic state eliminated from PR common policy), shame on U. Its better be a win-win situation or no win at all.

Malaysian and the world are watching.

Will Lim retaliate to this so called extremist view by standing up this Wednesday in Parliament, together with Sam Ketot as both of U urinated some where to be seen, and declared all DAPian including Karpal who cannot stand up, from now on unconditionally support and will uphold Hudud law in this country?

We dares U Lim!

Junah@ twitter.com/opshield