27 Julai, 2013

Stop threatening Guneswari and her child for exposing 'toilet canteen' scandal - MCA Wanita

It saddens me to read that individuals have purportedly threatened Guneswari Kelly who uploaded the photos of the changing room converted into a makeshift canteen at SK Seri Pristana in Sungai Buloh and her child with kidnap and property vandalism after the photos surfaced.

It is even more heartbreaking to read her child is allegedly being teased by students and berated by teachers.

Children don’t know discrimination – It is cultivated

If indeed the said teachers are berating the child in school as reported, they have degraded a very noble profession by involving these antics which verge on reprisals against a completely innocent child and into children’s education and wellbeing. Besides academia, the role of teachers is to import moral values and not abuse their authority to single out a nine-year old girl for victimisation.

What sort of example are the said teachers setting to the pupil’s classmates? Unless taught, our children would never come to know of bullying condoned by higher authorities. This behaviour and mindset are engraved and cultivated into very impressionable school children. To the teachers and every member of the schooling system; would you want your child or niece or nephew to have this same traumatic experience?

Education must continue

Guneswari released the photo in hopes for change after school authorities purportedly failed to respond to her queries (The Malaysian Insider, 26 July 2013).

The issue began purely as a hygienic matter which affects all pupils irrespective of creed, yet this photo has evolved into alleged kidnapping and vandalism threats against the whistleblower and death threats against the Headmaster as well – all completely unacceptable. The key to overcoming is to remain calm, move on. All parties must desist at once and let the Ministry of Education continue in its probe. Primarily, education and inculcation of virtues not retribution must be taught.

Wanita MCA stresses that the continuation of education supersedes all else, and educators have the responsibility to ensure schooling life can continue on in a kind and respectful manner. The investigation should also proceed without disturbance as the findings are important for the members of that school and to create a precedent for future cases.

Dato’ Yu Chok Tow

Wanita MCA Chairman