02 Julai, 2013

(Video) Cinta dan Wang..siapa akan menang? - [Wajib tonton!]

True love vs. money - who will win?

Boy meets girl, they fall in love, but something gets in the way of their marriage.

Follow the journey of El Tiggray and Josephina alongside their sidekick Esteban Que Rico, and discover how they rise above challenges with Maybank One Solution!

Catch the mini series and answer 3 simple questions with the Facebook contest to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, iPod Touch and RM200 Parkson vouchers.

Watch Papi and Kavin in a love story! Erm, it's not what it seems to be. #MBBOneSolution
at this link http://my.sharings.cc/despilihananda/share/MaybankOS1