22 November, 2019

The Everything Kids' Puzzle Book

If you're between the ages of eight and twelve, we know there are puzzles in this book you will love. Maybe you're wacky for wordplay. They got it. Maybe you think picture puzzles are positively preachy. They're here.

Not only did they cram as many kinds of puzzles into this book as possible, but they also came up with all types of themes to interest you. You'll find everything from Pets to Pizza, Music to Monsters, Camping to Computers. And wherever there was a room, they stuffed in fascination facts and Fast n' Funny jokes.

To make things even more exciting, there are a couple of puzzles that run through the whole book. First, watch for Mercin the mouse. He' hidden somewhere on each and every spread (the two pages you have open at any one time). Sometimes he's easy to spot-but not always! You will also notice that there are random white letters mixed among the dark ones. These are not mistakes, but are clues to the White Out! puzzle found in the "What a Great Idea!" section.

So, download the book and flip it open and dive right in!

Download: The Everything Kids' Puzzle Book

Here are the samples

Download: The Everything Kids' Puzzle Book