28 Januari, 2020

China deploying more medical teams to Hubei province at heart of coronavirus outbreak

China is deploying an additional 1,800 medical personnel to Hubei province, according to China’s National Health Commission (NHC), to help ease the burden on hospital staff who are struggling to cope with the number of coronavirus patients.

13 teams will be deployed to the province’s main seven cities including Wuhan, Huanggang, Xianning, Xiaogan, Xiantao, Tianmen and Qianjiang.

They'll be reinforcing the 30 teams -- or 4,130 medical staff -- already there.

In Wuhan, all 59 hospitals have fever outpatient departments that are treating and testing patients for the coronavirus.

China’s National Health Commission said that on Monday 10,261 people visited these hospitals, of which 377 stayed for further observation.

The commission said that Wuhan has a capacity of 13,000 beds. This includes in two hospitals that still under construction.

People who do not show symptoms still have the ability to transmit the disease to others, according to the NHC, which added that the coronavirus can be transmitted through contact as well as droplets.
“This means that if you touched somewhere and the virus got onto your hand, and then you touched your eyes then you could be infected,” said Li Xingwang, expert from Beijing Ditan Hospital, Infectious Disease Treatment and Research Center.

Source: CNN